Brighton & Hove and Metro Bus colouring sheets

Over the last week I have been working on these scenic Brighton & Hove and MetroBus colouring sheets in conjunction with Unite the Union. Design your own bus liveries or replicate on of your favourites on these epic blank buses complete with backdrops of clouds, iconic buildings and of course rainbows! My thanks goes outContinue reading “Brighton & Hove and Metro Bus colouring sheets”

Brighton Bus Preservation Society Decals

One of the Brighton Bus Preservation Society’s supporters Dinnages Transport Publishing celebrates their 30th Anniversary this year and decked out 3 preserved buses with a set of decals. Photo © Harry Dinnage Photo © Harry Dinnage All aspect of the decals were designed by me in conjunction with both parties celebrating ones 30th anniversary whilstContinue reading “Brighton Bus Preservation Society Decals”